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Spring 2011: volume 3, issue 2

Do you need something to get you in the mood? Do you suffer from high self-esteem? Are you looking for a magazine that reeks of perfume samples, as though it has been with a woman? Then our Cosmopolitan parody is for you!  Let our team of experts analyze you. Re-establish gender roles for you. Touch you.



End o’ the World

Fall 2010: volume 3, issue 1

Behold! Drivel Magazine‘s fourth issue, a grim presage of a dystopian future in which Exxon Mobil rules the land, environmental catastrophe is a banality, and the local cafe glibly serves its pancakes on a feline platter. With a little humor and a lot of plagiarism, we present the reader with a speculative retrospective of the 21st century.


Bonus Material

Martha Stewart Driveling

Fall 2009: volume 2, issue 1

Volume 2, issue 1 of Martha Stewart Driveling is hot off the press! Yes, you read that right—the first two issues of Drivel Magazine caught the eye of the CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and we were bought out in November. We’ve had to make some changes as such, but we assure our readers that the new owners of Martha Stewart Driveling will hold the magazine up to the same standards that its founders did, and that the interior decorating tips, creative recipes, and family-friendly content will remain the same as ever!


The New Driveler

Spring 2009: volume 1, issue 2

Liberals, start your limousines. Prepare to smirk, titter, and even chortle at our latest ribaldry! Drivel has adopted a new format to appeal to those Oberlin students hailing from the fine State of (Wealthy) New York and other spawning grounds for pretentious pricks. Please enjoy our high-brow, hand-crafted satire.